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Handcrafted Jewelry,

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Craftique Mall 

Show Booth #6212

6751 Bandera Road

San Antonio, Texas 78238


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About Us

 When John decided to retire from the Air Force after 23 years of service we started talking about what to do next. Many things were considered --- kicking back and becoming "farmers" on our little two acre ranch, finding somewhere to do volunteer work, traveling the world as a couple of Hobos --- but nothing seemed right for us. Then slowly, over time, an idea emerged......why not use our creative and artistic skills to design handcrafted items? 

We had always loved the unique elegance of handcrafted items and felt the creative urge to make things. We realized that we needed to create items that were beautiful, artistic.....and most importantly.....made people smile. We also wanted to ensure that each handcrafted item would be of the highest quality, and unique in its own way........something that can be enjoyed for a lifetime! 

We both thought this was an excellent idea......   

and JBN Designs was born!

Artistic Creations

To ensure the highest quality of our products, John and I design and create each item we sell. We hand select every component of the design and travel across the country looking for unique finds (both old and new) to use in making of our various artisan creations. 


At times, John and I have visualized a design and then spend hours, or days, looking for the proper components to make it. After we find the perfect piece, we begin the creative process by allowing it speak to us and then create the unique item.


Our heart and soul goes into each of our artistic creations, and when we are finished, each one has it's own unique style,

look and personality. 


We hope you love our handmade designs as much as we do! 

John and Brenda Noller

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Craftique Mall 

Show Booth #6212

6751 Bandera Road

San Antonio, Texas 78238

6751 Bandera Road, San Antonio, Texas 78238, United States